Feb 26, 2009

Parades, Parents, Planets, and Promotion

Wow! It's been a busy week!

I started off contributing to and promoting a great auction to support Breast Cancer Research (see previous post or just click here for more information.

Mom and Dad arrived Monday afternoon for a short visit
and on Fat Tuesday we all went to the local Mardi Gras parade to celebrate. Here's a great picture of Dad, Mom, and I - Charles is behind the camera!

Later Tuesday night we noticed a bright star in the night sky. After some discussion we decided it might be the planet Venus and since it was REALLY bright I decided to put my little digital camera on a tripod and take a picture of it. Moments later we were uploading the picture to the Mac and zooming in for a closer look.

As you can see from the photo, Venus has a big hole in it and has grown fur! Confused, we went to Google and asked about the night sky. We were amazed to discover that we were actually looking at the comet Lulin!

We've all recovered from Fat Tuesday and Mom and Dad are back at home in Georgia now. I'm back at work doing crafty things and last night I completed this drawing that I'm submitting to Illustration Friday. The theme this week is "Instinct"; not the easiest topic but I thought this idea would make a cute picture.

Finally, tonight I am live on the air with "Ruthie" of Rose Works Jewelry. Ruthie has an Internet Radio Show on Blockheadradio where she interviews a different artist every Thursday night at 9pm EST. Tune in if you're free!

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8 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! I'll check you out on Blockhead radio tonight.


Flamingo Junction said...

Love the comet pic...nicely done!

justabeachkat said...

Darn! Actually two darns. One because I've been outbid on the coaster although I'm not really upset cause it's raising more money. Two because I read your post too late to hear your interview.

Love the picture....very very cute!


storybeader said...

lots of things going on. The parade looks so colorful. Good to see Mardi Gras back on its feet!

Anna Lefler said...

That comet photo is amazing! Very cool...

And I love the Mardi Gras photos, too - what fun!

Have a great weekend...

:^) Anna

Ragtree said...

Robin, Mardi Gras looks like it was a hoot (no pun intended off your I.F. pic)... did you get a lot of beads?

You are so talented in so many areas. Every time I visit your blog I feel like I should throw my art supplies in a bonfire!

Renee :)

momxxx said...

the comet pic does look like WILSON the ball from the movie.other pics are already on the ufo sites! Wilson is lost in space! momxxx

Erin Tales said...

Wow! great comet pic!

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