Jan 19, 2009

Walk this Way...

I didn't really make fitness a part of my New Years resolutions but I am trying to start the year off right and this Christmas I got a couple of gifts that have helped out a LOT in that department.
The first gift was from my Husband, Charles. He gave me an iPod shuffle.

We have two other iPods in the house but they are the larger, 'do it all', varieties that hold every song we own but also weigh a lot more. When I went out walking I was always looking for a way to strap the silly thing to my body so it would not bounce around too much. With my cute little shuffle that problem if solved! It clips anywhere and holds enough music to keep me happy for hours!

I love all types of music but the one thing I really like to do when I'm exercising is move to the beat! That means the music I choose has to have a really good tempo so I can get the most out of my exercise routine. To keep my pace consistent, I use a clever little software tool called BeaTunes. It goes into my iTunes library and calculates the beats-per-minute (BPM) of my songs so I can make a playlist of similar songs that will keep me walking at a good pace. Check it out here: BeaTunes.
Here's my current playlist for walking:

My next Christmas gift helps me exercise at a fitness level that is "Heart Healthy". Mom and Dad gave me a heart monitor / watch for Christmas and now I can see what my heart is doing while I exercise! It lets me set target ranges and tells me when I am 'in the zone'. It also lets me time my walk and tells me how many calories I've burned - that's marvelous! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great, and healthy, Christmas gift!

My final tool to get me moving every day isn't a tool at all but a cute, furry, half-schnauzer, half-poodle named "Izzy". This part-time pet belongs to a neighbor who is kind enough to let me borrow 'Izzy' every day for a 4 mile walk/run around the block.

"Izzy" is the best part of my exercise routine - She's always happy to see me and she never complains about the weather. She walks faster than me (when I let her) and is always ready to turn on the after burners if I decide to run for a bit. Most importantly, she makes me smile and if you're having fun it can't really be called exercise, right?

See you on the sidewalk....

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sassypackrat said...

Great post! I already have the eager, fast, little dog, but now need the shuffle to keep me moving!

justabeachkat said...

Call me sometime and we'll walk together. See you at lunch tomorrow...I hope.


Two Greyhound Town said...

You have a great exercise partner. You would think with my two greyhounds that I could get a nice workout, but no, they would rather sniff than walk fast.

Ragtree said...

Robin, you can borrow my 11 year old anytime you need to burn extra calories doing laundry, changing sheets, picking up socks, AND taking glasses to the sink (I usually do 10 to 15 reps of this a night.)

If only sculpting were an intensive workout I'm sure we'd both be paper thin.... hmm.....

Renee :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's way too cool!

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