Jan 15, 2009

Time Flies...

It's mid-January already and my holiday from my ETSY shop is over way too soon! I haven't exactly been lazy this year but I really have not been focused on the artwork that brings in most of the sales to my ETSY shop - Animal and character coasters.
I looked back over my sales last year and discovered that almost HALF of my coaster sales were custom orders. People were looking at the things I had made in the past and things I currently had for sale and would ask the question "Can you make me one of these...?" Those custom requests kept me both busy AND highly creative; sometimes trying to imagine just what that customer had in mind! For the most part this went very well so I've decided to focus my ETSY shop on custom orders this year.

How strange are these custom requests? They can get pretty weird sometimes. Here's one of my favorites from last fall:

The Rubber Duck Coaster - a custom ETSY order

Come by my newly re-opened ETSY shop to see my custom listings and don't forget to visit my ArtFire shop to see all of the cool creations I have for sale over there!

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2 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Erin Tales said...

i love that custom order! i love your whole shop!

Helen said...

oh ducky is one of your favorites! cool:-) he's enjoying his new home on my husband's desk. Of course, he's often partly (or completely) hidden under paper. Hubby's desk is a scary sight- maybe that's why Ducky has that expression...? LOL

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