Jan 3, 2009

Cleaning Up Loose Ends

There are a few projects from 2008 still sitting in the dark corners of my office. Things that started with a great idea but sort of stopped along the way because either I lost inspiration (possible) or I found something more interesting to work on (likely).
Agnes was one of my left over projects so I made it a mission to finish her in this first week of this new year.

To understand how hard this project was for me you have to know my love and hate relationship with my art dolls. I LOVE making heads, hands, and feet out of polymer clay. Making a face is a wonderful experience and finishing the fired pieces is exciting. I love to see the characters come to life.
The next part of the doll making process I don't love so much. This part involves giving the doll a bendable body and dressing it. This is a very painful and difficult thing for me because I CAN'T SEW! Holding a needle and thread is a strange and uncomfortable activity for me and I spend most of my time fighting knotted thread and doctoring my bleeding fingers.

I decided Agnes, as ugly as she is, was worth some frustration so I set about the task of finishing her. She deserves a better seamstress than me but at least now she has a body and some new clothes. I must admit though, she's still pretty ugly...

Agnes the Art Doll
FIMO clay on a bendable wire frame. 15 inches tall.

Available now in my ArtFire shop.

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AlteredGypsy said...

Ah..Agnes makes me smile! Good luck on Artfire..You're right, It is different than Etsy (I hope it stays that way).

PurrPrints said...

I keep reading about more and more people form etsy who are using artfire now...I'm tempted to check it out, but I alrady spend so much time marketing stuff for etsy that i'm concerned i'd stop creating altogether if i had another place to sell my handmade stuff...

Momxxx (aka LittlePinky) said...

she's adorable!

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