Dec 8, 2008

How To Build a Gingerbread Man!

Last week I made a how-to video showing the steps neccessary to create a gingerbread ornament of your very own. The guys over at have been nice enough to link to my video on their blog AND sponsor a giveaway for my ETSY store. Get over to their blog this week to sign up - you could win!

You can watch the video here as well but for cool freebies or other great how-to projects you have to go to

How to Create A Gingerbread ornament out of Polymer Clay
Starring... ME! (and Mister Gingergread)

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Sock Monkey Jungle said...

awesome video thankyou for sharing! great job!

Ragtree said...

Robin, great job on the tutorial but you can't "teach" your brilliant sense of humor!

Was Dakota behind the camera????

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