Dec 30, 2008

Good Jobs ARE hard to Find...

One advertisement in the classifieds is getting a LOT of applicants this year - looks like times are hard all over...

---------- Wanted for short term employment ----------

* An individual with the ability and temperament to deliver and HIDE millions of colored eggs in ONE night.
* Must enjoy working outside in all types of weather.
* Must be able to carry heavy loads to include boiled eggs, various chocolate forms wrapped in foil, jelly beans, and various assorted tooth-rotting candies and useless toys.
* Must be willing to perform all work quietly, effectively, and without direct feedback or praise.
* Optional qualifications that may increase your suitability for this position - Cuteness, fuzziness, pink nose, long floppy ears.
* Good pay with NO benefits (unless you include socializing with Santa and the Tooth Fairy)

Watercolor pencil on 140lb cold pressed paper - 5x7 inches each

Will the REAL Easter Bunny please stand up?

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justabeachkat said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Ours certainly was. Thank you Lord. Happy New Year! I wish for you a blessed 2009.


Ragtree said...

Happy New Year, Robin! Did you draw those? They are FABULOUS! But I think the REAL Easter Bunny is equipped with rocket boosters....

Erin Tales said...

LOL! Easter already?

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