Nov 9, 2008

Once Bitten - The Gingerbread Ornaments

After I made the Gingerbread Man coaster I knew I'd have to make a set of Gingerbread ornaments as well... I DID NOT bite off the gingerbread parts myself (That's what the Elves are for...). Don't worry - the package said non-toxic!

The "Once Bitten" Gingerbread Ornaments
New to my ETSY Store today

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Ragtree said...

No kidding these are the BEST gingerbread men I've ever seen! I'm getting pretty jealous of you!!!

Renee :)

trishia said...

are you sure you aren't a Martha Stewart staff member hiding out online? Because my dear, you've got serious talent. If you aren't a MS staffer, you should send her photos of your stuff, you could end up on her show. :P

Love these guys!

justabeachkat said...

Amazing! Your ideas are incredible.


elphabainwicked said...

The facial expressions are funny. Remind me of the little guy in Shrek!!!

elphabainwicked said...

I agree with Trisha!!!!

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