Dec 1, 2008

Arizona meets Santa

Meet Arizona!
(You already know the guy she's sitting on)

Dakota's sister (Arizona) is 11 days old today and she's already visiting her Grandparents. Looks like she has the same travel bug as Dakota! Check Dakota's blog for pictures of her recent adventures!

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granny said...

arizona is being very good except i can't keep her out of the cookies.

elphabainwicked said...

Oh my named her Arizona!!!! That is so cool!!!! I put your store link and your blog link on my facebook...getting laughs already!!! Love all the career gingerbread people...going to have to find something else to keep up year

P.S. Arizona...take the cookie jar with you when you come to AZ...nothing beats granny's cookies!

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

You will soooo have to make these into cards some day they are just too funny! Love your work! x

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