Oct 6, 2008

Day 15 - We Left Behind the Cold Weather but not the Cold

Dakota can't blog tonight - he's been sent to bed early with a head cold. He'll be back tomorrow night with more tales from the road.

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Auntie Dis said...

Poor Dakota! Feel better soon!!!!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Robin (and Dakota)

Remember me? Life has been sooooo C-R-A-Z-Y lately...but a good kind of crazy, so I can't complain even though it has kept me from visiting. But...I'm home now...for a week or so anyway. And now that I'm finally home...I have a cold and a stomach virus!!!! Sounds like you know all about it too.

I've had fun reading all your posts I've missed. I won't comment on each post, but I've read them all. Love seeing things through Dakota's eyes.


Ragtree said...

Oh my! Dakota looks like he's about to overdose! If I don't see him back soon, I'm going to have to send help!

Renee :)

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