Oct 5, 2008

Day 14 - Dakota Begins the Long Trip Home

The night after our visit to Yellowstone park, we took Dakota back to the hotel and did a little first aid on his broken leg. We did not have much of a first aid kit so we cut up some strips from an old map and wrapped his leg. Of course we gave him a little wine to kill the pain. He did not complain too much.

Leaving the park the next morning we crossed the continental divide twice. Dakota has been watching the presidential debates and he thought this was some kind of political demarcation. We tried to explain to him that the continental divide is the watershed of North America. Water on the east side flows east, water on the west flows west. Dakota then asked, "Do the Elephants live on the east side and the Jackasses on the west side?" We gave up at that point.

It was a cloudy and rainy day so we missed the great view of the Grand Teton mountain range as we drove south. We stopped at the visitor center to learn more about the mountain range and the surrounding park.

Dakota had some time to kill so he finished up his first movie while we were on the road.

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momxxx said...

wtg! dakota, you have a #1 hit.

elphabainwicked said...

This was definitely one of Dakota's funnier comments along the way....Dakota then asked, "Do the Elephants live on the east side and the Jackasses on the west side?".

I got to see the Great Divide in New Mexico on my drive to AZ with mom and it was an amazing view.

I have now seen it all...Dakota with a cast, but looking at the picture of him finishing his movie...his leg is out straight like a human with a cast...Robin, you are way too funny!!!

He is becoming worth more money each day!!

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