Oct 1, 2008

Day 10 - Dakota in the Badlands

We said goodbye to Erika and Dick Tuesday morning and hit the road, headed for the Badlands in South Dakota. We passed dozens of corn fields and just as many sunflower fields before finally coming to the North Dakota / South Dakota border. Dakota insisted we stop for a picture. He liked sitting on top of the sign but seemed a little anxious when Charles headed for the car. He was only retrieving the camera we forgot...

Back on the road I gave him a small 'Mickey Mouse' character to play with. He had no idea who Mickey was. We stopped again one more time after Dakota said "Explain this corn thing to me again?"

We stopped at the visitor's center when we reached the Badlands and Dakota learned a lot about the geology and history of this region. We have been looking for a cowboy hat for Dakota but they don't seem to make one in his size. He has now heard the phrase 'Red Man' and decided he would rather be an American Indian than a cowboy because, after all, he's red. We're now shopping for moccasins and a beaded war shirt.

We stopped a number of times during our drive through the Badlands and had to keep telling Dakota that the signs said "stay on the walking path".
We think he finally figured it out.

As the temperatures cooled in the afternoon the prairie dogs came out by the hundreds. Dakota was a little cautious at first since the word 'dog' was in the description but when he saw the little guys he was OK. When he asked for his horse because he needed to herd the prairie dogs we decided it was time to find a hotel for the night.

Stay tuned... Tomorrow we head for Mt Rushmore, Devils Tower and beyond!

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Ragtree said...

Thanks so much for documenting your trip! I LOVE to read the adventures of Dakota and laugh! You make my day brighter!

Renee :)

Auntie Dis said...

Awwww, the prarie dogs are cute!

elphabainwicked said...

Love the pic of George hanging him upside down over the Badlands.

I honestly did not read this post before I said about the cowboy hat. Robin...we think too much alike!

The cactus was priceless...and there he goes again...the ladies man!

This is like being with you two!

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